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Chinnor Web Design have been doing laptop repairs, computer repairs and selling new Dell equipment since 2006. We offer a laptop / computer tower clean up service for £25* which will speed up your device should it be running slowly. We also offer Solid State Drive (SSD) upgrades, virus removal, Windows 10 upgrades and much more.

We will give you a fixed price quote before we start any work.

Hard drive upgrades to solid state drives (SSD):
Having an SSD installed in any laptop or desktop computer significantly turbo boosts the speed. This is the best thing you can do increase the speed of any machine which doesn’t already have an SSD.

SSD hard drives start at 120GB and then double in size, so 240Gb, 480Gb and 960GB. They can usually also be fitted into desktop systems, please call us for more details and up to date prices.

Windows 10 upgrades:
If you are running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 still you really should consider upgrading to Windows 10.  As this involves installing a new clean copy of the operating system it is worth considering upgrading your hard drive to an SSD at the same time.

Replacement damaged laptop screens:
If you have damaged your laptop screen or it has started to fail by a dark shadow or lines starting to appear then it will need replacing. The old screen will need to be removed before we can give you a fixed price. If we are unable to repair it for any reason, the old screen will be refitted and there won’t be any charge.

Laptop and desktop tower clean ups:
Over time systems will generally start to slow down so a clean up will be required. We will need the machine for 24 hours to do this properly. We offer a fixed price of £25*

Virus removal:
Are you suffering from pop ups or are internet pages being diverted to another web address? These are just a few examples of having a virus, so if you need help in removing this please contact us on 01844 354744.

Data back ups:
Too many times we are called out to help people where their hard drives have failed. Backing up data shouldn’t be a difficult job. Once you have the right device, so either memory stick or external hard drive, you just need to be shown how to do it and then make time to do it on a regular basis. Why not call us and we can show you how to do this or simply do it for you.

Power packs replaced:
If your tower has no power and you have tried replacing the cable then probably the power pack will need replacing. Like most things prices can vary so contact us and we can give you a price.

We specialise in laptop repairs in Chinnor and computer repairs in Chinnor and these are just some of the services we offer. If you have another problem not listed give us a call on 01844 354744

* All prices plus Vat